Arty day in Liverpool

Today was a busy arty day in Liverpool for us. Starting with The To Do Market with cake decorating , collective painting, making figures for a shadows theatre, organic story telling and more craft activities... Follow by a lovely insight of artist Mark Hill astral work, The Orrery, by the sculpture of suitcases (A case history) by Artist John King. Then came the delightful interactive show Treasure or the story of a sad eponymous polar bear awaiting for a friend and a lonely rabbit on a quest for a song...A surprising arty day!

Aujourd'hui, journée culturelle chargée à Liverpool. A commencer par le To Do Market ou le marché "du faire" avec décoration de gâteaux, peinture collective, ombres chinoises, contes et histoires bio... Puis un aperçu de l'oeuvre astrale, The Orrery, de l'artiste Mark Hill à coté des valises (A case of history) de l'artiste John King . Enfin un spectacle interactif farfelu et enchanté, Treasure, ou l'histoire d'un triste ours polaire éponyme et d'un lapin esseulé en quête d'une chanson... Une journée artistique surprenante!
The To Do Market

Isabelle (a lovely friend) at The To Do Market

A case of history, sculpture by John King

The Orrery by Mark Hill

The Orrery by Mark Hill

Treasure at the Unity Theatre


Anonymous said...

Oh! ça avait l'air à la fois ludique & instructif!

by Jp said...

ça avait l'air d'être super sympa

Anonymous said...

De la féérie partout! Ca existe en France?

Anonymous said...

Liverpool au Pays des Merveilles, merci pour l'incroyable ballade...

Angie hearts said...

Thanks for liking them shorts.

The photos look so fun, it really feels wonderful just looking at it